MEDITATION is a PART OF the meaningful LIFE.
Mindfulness meditation
Breath connects us with the present.
Being in the present moment gives us a sense of balance, happiness, self-confidence and peace of mind.
This can be achieved only through meditation.

Aware. Train. Control.
Awareness is the ability to be in full contact with yourself and the world around you. Training the mind in awareness allows you go through life, easily managing your attention, thoughts and emotions.

Stability and calmness of the mind brings clarity, harmony,
precision and efficiency to all aspects of life.
and Work life
Mindfulness eliminates automatism in actions, gives the ability to quickly switch between multiple tasks, thus diminishing any form of stress and
as a result minimizing the risk of rapid burnout.

Emotional stability, involvement in the process
of work and relational attunement with colleagues creates a positive collaborative atmosphere with high personal efficacy.
and Social life
Openness and self-confidence, a high level
of consciousness and understanding of one's own feelings and emotions helps to identify oneself
in society.

Maintenance of the dignity and tolerance promotes harmonious alignment of one's personal boundaries, defining inner potential and highlighting opportunities, provided by the surrounding world, thus facilitating the successful adaptation
in society.
and Education
Concentration of attention improves the quality
of our perception of information, learning
and memory. Awareness enhances our general motivation and helps us indentify the main goals.

Being aware is very important skill
in the overwhelming flow of information
brought on by internet, social media etc.
and Wellness
Being relaxed means experiencing less stress
at any moment of unpredictable life.

Through meditation one is able to boost
and replenish energy and be aware of own body, follow required diet and change the lifestyle.
and Sports
Through mindfulness we achieve control over
our bodies. It strengthens neural connections between the brain and muscles.

It helps us focus on achievements, maintaining
the precision of goals, while at the same time monitoring emotions, which is important not only for those who are involved in professional sports, but for every health oriented person.
Meditation and Self-development
Perception, which is not bounded by judgments gives space for the manifestation of the best human qualities: kindness, tolerance, attentiveness, curiosity and intuition, thus giving opportunity
for the development of discipline and emotional intelligence.

Meditative self-observation helps to find one's own way of realization and express oneself without difficulties.
Meditation and Science
Meditation is actively studied by scientists all over
the world. Its positive effects on people have been demonstrated statistically through various researches.
of people practicing meditation less often needed medical help as against those who did not practice meditation. It was found
in a study of people aged 40 and over. According to the Harvard Medical School
in 1974.
weeks of daily practice of mindfulnessmeditation lead to an increase
in gray matter in the areas of the brain responsible for controlling attention
and impulses, as well as their ignoring. According to the research by Dr.Kelly McGonigal of Stanford University.
minutes of practice per day helped students improve their performance in tests for cognitive abilities. According to the Mindfullness Report 2010.
Meditation is meant to bring us back to life, back to active life.
To the life of the moment.
Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche
The international program of meditation led by the realized Master Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche for all.
Ripa Awareness Meditation is a natural and simple practice for everyday life. There is no one more close and accessible to You than Yourself.
Wisdom in a modern world
Ripa Awareness Meditation is based on the Buddhist approach of Shamatha-Vipassana.
This technique that has been perfected by Buddhist Masters over thousands of years is now being adapted for use in everyday life throughout the world, regardless of nationality, age, religion and social status of those who are interested in it.
Meditation is not a religion, but a way to interact with our feelings and emotions, to observe our own mind.
The purpose of the program -
to introduce this mindfulness technique as a key element to one's well-being in a constantly changing human life.
Ripa Awareness Meditation program comes from a genuine authentic source of knowledge about meditation, an uninterrupted tradition, which has been transmitted from the Masters to their disciples for more than 2500 years since the time of the Buddha Shakyamuni.
At the same time, it is adaptive: secular, accessible and affordable for use in everyday life. Depending on the inclinations and needs of those who meditate, the classes are specially designed for a wide range of people with the opportunity to gradually deepen their meditation to the desired level.
Ripa Awareness Meditation courses are carried out all over the world: in Nepal, Switzerland, America, France, Spain, Germany, Russia and Ukraine.

Calmness allows seeing things as they are
and being happy in every moment of our life.
Authentic root
Jigme Rinpoche has been acknowledged as the spiritually realized master; he has been teaching westerners meditation for more than 20 years and has been visiting Russia since 2008.

In Moscow for the first time he introduced Mindfulness Meditation in 2016 in the Park "Sokolniki". That course was attended by more than 350 people.
There are 7 certified instructors of R.A.M. around the world, two of them are in Moscow and one is in Tomsk.

All of them were trained personally by Rinpoche in the International Ripa Center in Switzerland. Like the Teacher himself they lead practical classes and retreats.
Different formats
The programs have different time formats, starting from 45 minutes
and up to several days, the length
of practice can be adapted for different levels of students, their occupation
and location.
Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche
«For me the most important task
is to search and find the ways by which we can bring and integrate traditional spiritual values into modern life.

This has been the main practice
and work of my life for 20 years

About the author
Jigme Rinpoche considers himself «a socially engaged Buddhist».
He is a representative of a new generation of Masters, attentive
to the challenges of life, posed by the modern society. He has been coming
to Russia since 2008. He is famous for the good knowledge of English,
his lively, direct and practical style of explanation and a wonderful sense
of humor.

His teachings are aimed at developing openness, heartiness and a clear perception of every moment of life; they are free from interpretations
and judgments and overcome cultural barriers between East and West,
ancient and modern lifestyles.

Lectures for a wide audience
Jigme Rinpoche annually lectures on a variety of topics:
2009, «Intellect and emotional heart», Moscow State University;
2010, «Tibetan traditions in exile. The current state of Tibetan monasticism», Russian State Humanitarian University;
2011, «Impact on the Future», presentation to the business community, Moscow City. Interviews on the channels «Rain», «Psychology 21», radio station «Business FM»;
2012, «Leadership Laboratory: to material success through spiritual development», BUSINESS SCHOOL SKOLKOVO;
2013, «The purpose of life is to be happy. What is happiness and how to achieve it?», hotel «Youth»;
2015, «What is the nature of the mind?», hotel «Youth»;
2016, «Conscious Leadership», «Freedom and dependence», hotel «Youth».

In addition to the activities of the spiritual leader, Jigme Rinpoche is in charge of many social projects. Bringing benefit to society, he inspires thousands of people with an example of his own life.

Start simply
In order to start meditation you need:
body, mind (consciousness) and breathing. In practice you don't need to assume any special body postures or use some kind of colorful imagination, no special skills are required.
All you need is to remain in a present moment, breath and observe.
Breath. Naturalness. Meditation.
Shamatha means being at rest.
Vipassana means direct knowledge and insight.
Regular classes

An easy way to get an experience of meditation, support your own discipline and regularity of your practice. Two times per week on work days in the morning or evening.
Day of Awareness Meditation
One day-retreat is a city format for rebooting and bringing yourself to the resourceful state without neglecting active social life. One Sunday per month.
Weekend's and retreats

A deeper format for immersion into the practice of meditation with Master Jigme Rinpoche. It includes retreat seminars in Switzerland, Spain and Russia.
Corporate program

Training of employees in meditation skills to reduce stress, increase personal efficiency and effectiveness of ongoing strategic development of the company.
Awareness is a prospect
for the future.
By being aware of every moment, we can understand habits of our own thinking
and perception, which leads to a more meaningful, full and joyful life.

We use our own mind, our consciousness to change lives for the better way.

R.A.M. - program without boundaries and territorial affiliation.
It brings mindfulness in all circumstances, directions of activity and forms of interaction between people, thus benefitting every aspect of life.
Where there is a need
Schools and Universities
R.A.M. will help the younger generation to develop the habit of conscious, clear and positive thinking, the ability to switch, concentrate and relax.
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Charitable Foundations
Support for orphans, people with disabilities,
the aged and all those who especially needs attentive and benevolent attitude, compassion
and love.
Learn more
Business community
Integration into the corporate environment
for entrepreneurs and organizations as a tool
to improve the well-being of employees
and the level of efficiency of the companies.

Project Index of Happiness.
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Hospitals and hospices
Patient rehabilitation program.
Reducing anxiety and fear of death in a person's life, bringing support for those who are dying.
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Ripa Meditation Centers
The space of silence and the method
of expanding one's awareness.
Network of Ripa meditation halls and centers.
People need a place and an opportunity to stop in the rushed life to realize how they can learn to control their minds and, thereby, influence on the circumstances of one's own and other people lives.

The concept is to create a place of silence for the inhabitants of the big cities, in the midst of active social life, to make the centers for meditation a part of the urban environment, as well as retreat centers for a long stay in the natural environment, far away from the city bustle, which will be even more efficient for rebooting and replenishing ourselves.

RMC projects in Russia:
Irkutsk - meditation pavilion in a city park near the city center on the river bank. Moscow City - a meditation hall in the business center in the most active part of the city.

If you are interested
in a meditation program
Send us your request for the Ripa Awareness Meditation or proposal for cooperation.
+7 910 451 31 51

Irina Pischikova
Coordinator R.A.M. Russia